Year in Review

High School SCOTUS is almost ten months old. It’s hard to believe, because I still find myself saying that I started the blog “a couple months ago” — but here we are. Since its inconspicuous birth in March, six other teenagers have begun writing for this nerdy high-school-oriented site. Their names are Joe, Brenna, Caleb, Kai, Jackson, and Curtis, and they hail from places as far-flung as California and Oklahoma. Their friendship has been the best part of the blog experience.

On October first, the hallowed legal holiday, five of us converged on D.C. to see the oral arguments for Weyerhaeuser and Mount Lemmon. This was our first time meeting each other, and we were overjoyed to chat in person after months of digital conversations. I’m glad to say that the day couldn’t have gone much better. Court artist Art Lien sketched us in the courtroom (see my Twitter header), we ran into several of our favorite journalists, and the court cafeteria wasn’t nearly as bad as expected. Shocked that the whole trip was actually happening, we munched our chicken nuggets and discussed the questioning in Mount Lemmon.


The rest of the year was more low-key than our October trip, but no less important for the development of High School SCOTUS. Many people were kind enough to let us interview them:

Others gave the blog a platform on NPR, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Lawfare Podcast, and How Appealing.

And countless others offered their support and encouragement. Thank you to friends, family, and #AppellateTwitter for making 2018 genuinely unbelievable. I’m psyched for whatever 2019 will bring!

-Anna Salvatore


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